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New bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson unveiled at Monticello, Apri 15th. Portrait by Stuart Williamson for a bronze figure by StudioEIS of Brooklyn

New York Times - Article on Abraham Lincoln statue - June 2008

Lincoln portrait in clay for a bronze figure with horse by Studioeis, Brooklyn for the Lincoln Cottage Museum, Washington 

© Lincoln Cottage & Studioeis, Brooklyn

(Click image above to view larger)

The Japanese sculptor Shimizu Chie working on the famous hat for StudioEIS.
She also did a lot of the modelling on the horse.

by Kyla King | The Grand Rapids Press
Wednesday December 17, 2008, 10:30 AM
The first in a series of 25 bronze sculptures being donated to the city by the family of businessman Peter Secchia was to be unveiled downtown this morning.

A sculpture of Lucius Lyon, a city founder, was created by world-renowned artist Stuart Williamson and has been installed at the southwest corner of Monroe Avenue NW and Lyon Street, near the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids.

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Vistazo - November, 2007 "The English Sculptor": article regarding Simon Bolivar


Page 1 of a 2 page article , on an English Sculptor in Ecuador, in 'Capital magazine' 2007

Western Gazette . July 2007

Stuart Williamson, with his sculpture of poet John Keats. The statue will be cast in bronze and installed in an existing stone niche in the grounds of Guys College hospital where he studied.

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3 figures for Morristown Green New Jersey

Portraits sculpted by Stuart Williamson 

Figures by StudioEIS of Brooklyn


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See articles about the unveiling:

New York Times - 3 Georges

New York Times Friday Feb 17th 2006  Coming soon to Mount Vernon, 3 Georges

"A team led by Stuart Williamson, a British artist & sculptor, sculpted the portraits,  and gave them human nuances including subtle changes in eye colour that came with age, and the deportment befitting an aristocrat. Sue Day, a British specialist in wax added human hair and skin tones".

These figures were made by StudioEIS, Brooklyn for Mount Vernon

Dutchess Country Travel Guide

These bronze figures were made by StudioEIS, Brooklyn for the FDR Foundation

Portraits by Stuart Williamson FRBS  SPS  NSS



New York Times, Arts & Leisure

New York Times, Sunday Nov. 24th 2002

He, (Ivan Schwartz) and Stuart Williamson the portrait sculptor form London who did (sculpted) the heads of the major figures and oversaw the portraits of the other delegates, reviewed all the painted and drawn studies they could find. "What was most challenging about the Franklin portrait was to achieve the sort of vitality he expressed in everything he did", Mr Williamson said. He tried to combine the monumental feel of the marble bust by Houdon with the wonderful personality traits expressed by Joseph S Duplessis in his 1785 portrait of Franklin which is in the Metropolitan Museum. "He was a little sick at the time," Mr Williamson said. "He was nearly 80 but he still retained this incredibly mischievous spirit".

These figures were made by StudioEIS, Brooklyn for The Constitution Centre, Philadelphia

"I worked with sculptor Stuart Williamson, a consultant at EIS, to give each face a unique expression before the clay itself was molded to create wax reproductions. Sue Day, an artist also working as a consultant at the studio, has painted these wax faces to look extremely lifelike, down to the pale skin with ruddy cheeks and grayish-blue eyes that Gilbert Stuart described for Washington. Reddish hair will be implanted in the younger two and tied back in the wiglike fashion of the time; the 57-year-old will have grayish hair to simulate the powdered look he would have had for the inauguration scene".
Health & Science President's Day 2006

Sue Day holds the wax head of the 19 year old version of George washington in the Brooklyn office of StudioEIS.

Sculptor Stuart Williamson, (sculptor of all 3 portraits) stands in the background with the figures of the 45 and 57 year old Washington.

New York Times Wed. July 4th 2001
Stuart Williamson, foreground and Kiril Kirov, worked on statues of the framers of the constitution for the Constitution Centre which is scheduled to open in Philadelphia July 4th 2003

All 39 signers and 3 dissenters will be represented in bronze in the museum


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