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"I couldn't be more pleased. The sculpture has captured not only the outward resemblance of the man, but a deep inner reality. The eyes and expression project a man of great experience and wisdom - a sense of knowing and understanding, with a philosophical attitude toward life.  And that was Whitman. Congratulations!

I am proud to have commissioned of such a fine work."
David R Weinberg

"The best rendering of Thomas Jefferson that I have ever seen in any medium. This is an absolutely stunning likeness that captures his nobility of mind and spiri. Jefferson was an American original and this work does him justice."

Raymond Smock, Director, Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies, and Former Historian for the U.S. House of Representatives

"It was a great pleasure to work with Stuart Williamson on the bronze sculpture of Lucius Lyon.  Williamson was selected in a national search knowing that there was great significance attached to the first in a prestigious series of commissions.  The resulting sculpture is of the highest caliber and we are all indebted to Stuart Williamson and his ability to connect us to our past." 

Joseph Antenucci Becherer, Community Legends, Grand Rapids.

"Delighted by your sterling and quite outstanding work. You were a  real joy to work with: patient, a listening presence, and most of  all, a great teacher.  Yours is a very special talent and I cannot thank you or Jeremy for introducing you to me, enough".

Professor Kevin Thompson
Director of the Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong
January 2008

From the Family of Dr. Robert Knight, for many years a strong supporter for a statue of Keats at Guys Hospital, London, and to whom the statue is dedicated.

"Dear Mr Williamson,
My sons and I were delighted with your statue of John Keats which was unveiled last week. I know how very pleased my husband would have been if he could have seen it. Hopefully those at Guy's and from the surrounding community will be able to appreciate it for many years". 

With best wishes
Marion Knight

'From Dr. Hugh Saxton to Dr, Michael O'Brien, Guys hospital

I came away from the unveiling saying to myself that I must write to you. First to congratulate you on seeing the project through and for your input into design and setting. Second to ask you to congratulate and thank Stuart Williamson for a really marvellous piece of sculpture (Keats). I found it exquisitely done and very moving.'

I enjoyed working with Stuart – having never commissioned a traditional bronze before it was really imperative that I had confidence that the sculptor truly understood the brief. Stuart communicated with me throughout the commissioning process and despite the fact that we had thousands of miles and several countries between us I always felt utterly certain that he would deliver something that we would be proud of. Keats now rests here on the Guy’s campus and is admired and photographed by many on a daily basis – all this is a tribute to Stuart’s excellent skills as an artist.

 Karen Sarkissian
Director of Art and Heritage
Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, London

"Let me start by saying that the final work fully exceeds my expectations and therefore, I could not be more pleased with the result. I feel that you have not only put your talents and skills as an artist in our search for the likeness of Bolívar, but I feel you have also put your heart into it, which makes a big difference between an ordinary work and a master piece. A far as I am concerned,  you have reproduced my idea as to Bolívar´s appearance almost up to the smallest detail. I also believe you have "translated" the stylized 3/4 portrait into " real anatomy" and combined it cleverly with Roulin's and Meucci's profiles, as if you have guessed what they caught and missed when they painted or drew Bolívar".

 Snr. Diego Bustillos

"George Washington took my breath away, but Franklin leaves me completely without oxygen. This is great art. I just love it. It captures the moment and the man beautifully. Franklin was old, sick, and in considerable pain during the Convention. Yet he was alert, interested, and engaged. He, perhaps more so than some of the other delegates, sensed the historical awe of the moment of the Signing and knew how fragile this agreement was until it was ratified and put into action. This portrait captures all these things subtley and in a very human context. It is a new Franklin, but also one that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the many images of him that exist. My heartiest congratulations to Stuart Williamson and everyone at the studio. It is a tour de force".

Ray Smock, Historian - Constitution Centre, Philadelphia

"Mr. Stuart Williamson is a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. This honour confirms his status as an outstanding sculptor. He has been a member for about 15 years and a Fellow for the last 10. Mr. Williamson is an acknowledged expert within portrait and figurative sculpture, embracing what might be referred to as "traditional" skills and which include the use of terracotta which is a highly specialized skill within the genre. These skills and this expertise are becoming increasingly rare and I should take this opportunity to stress the importance of making them available to a wider audience and passing on this knowledge to the younger generation. I believe that Mr. Williamson is able to utilize his enormous wealth of experience to that end and I encourage and support his efforts to that end and opportunities given to him to help achieve those outcomes. I therefore have ho hesitation in confirming my unreserved support for Mr. Stuart Williamson FRBS as an entirely worthy candidate for acknowledgement as possessing suitable "extraordinary ability" in justification of the appropriate visa".

Yours sincerely and with many thanks, Professor Brian Falconbridge. President: Royal British Society of Sculptors

"Mr. Williamson is able not only to practice his craft himself to an extraordinary level, he was also able to communicate his skills to the students who each produced an extremely good portrait bust (quite convincing), of the then Director of the Academy, Professor Lo King Man.

In the amount of time available, to bring raw beginners to such a level of competency was quite remarkable, and the sign of a person who knows his medium absolutely, and is second nature to him".

Jeremy Blackwell, Propmaker/Senior Lecturer Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

"It was while I was Head of Studios at Madame Tussaud's that I came to know Stuart Williamson. I have no hesitation in saying that Stuart is a sculptor of outstanding ability. He has an extraordinary talent for portrait sculpture, while possessing a thorough understanding in all aspects of sculpture. Although he has a natural flair and ability for sculpture, he showed a dedication and application that raised his work to a standard rarely found in this country or abroad. This is coupled with an unassuming and friendly manner which easily engages his subject. I have known him create genuine rapport with such diverse people such as Pavarotti, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, F.W. de Klerk of South Africa, or "Prince". In addition to his outstanding talent as a sculptor, he posesses a strong organizing abilities in planning, execution, and the creating and inspiring of a team. Without reservation, I recommend him to you as a unique talent".

Ian Hanson, Head of Studios (retired) - Society of Portrait Sculptors

"I am saddened at your leaving. You are one of the best tutors we ever had! and your own work as an artist is absolutely great! We all feel the same at the College. Please keep in touch."

From Dr. Ramos-Poqui
Head of Fine Arts and Theoretical Studies,
Kensington Chelsea College, London

"I was first introduced to Stuart Williamson as a student in his figurative sculpture classes which he taught for Kensington and Chelsea College for 3 years. During this time, his class remained full and, in fact, there was a waiting list to join.

Stuart was an inspirational teacher with a passion and real skills in communicating his area of expertise to students of all levels and backgrounds. Indeed these days it is unusual to find a teacher with traditional knowledge of these areas and with an ability to put them across in a structured and supportive fashion. Furthermore, in addition to the technical expertise, he gives me the confidence to pursue my artistic ability beyond that of a hobby and develop as an artist".

Yours sincerely, Claire-Anne Escoffey

"Stuart Williamson taught portrait and figurative sculpture to adult students at Kensington Chelsea College for three years. He has a very skilled, traditional and professional approach in his teachings. These skills are particularly valuable and rare in these days when art schools are failing to teach these traditional skills".

David Houchin, Honorary Secretary

"I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Stuart Wiliamson for the past eleven years here in NY at studioEIS, a NY based sculpture and design studio that I am the founder and director of.

I can say unequivocally that in my 30 years of running the studio, Mr. Williamson has the greatest powers of observation and skills to match those critical factors for anyone engaged in visual storytelling. Stuart has had a profound impact upon the studio as he not only sculpts at the highest possible level, but teaches those around him in a manner consistent with someone who is a master at their craft.

As a man he is modest but profoundly confident, which makes his seemingly understated presence that much more powerful especially in the context of his amazing work. I would venture to say there are few who can utilize the skills of a great sculptor and also have patience and presence of mid to be a willing teacher, but I can tell you that Williamson has demonstrated time and time again that these qualities do translate directly to those around him.

Our working relationship spans a vast time period thorough numerous high profile projects, and Stuart's skills when coupled with his serious, yet easy manner have made a huge contribution to StudioEIS' history and indeed the nation's cultural history".

Ivan Schwartz, Founder/Director/V.P StudioEIS

"On a recent Sunday afternoon, everyone gathered around Stuart Williamson while he sculpted the bust of our beautiful model. Stuart is a master sculptor who has had an exceptional career. He has had sittings, while working at world famous Madame Toussads, with artists such as Tony Bennett, and Morgan Freeman to name a few. Stuart provided a very informative and entertaining afternoon. His ability to communicate is exceptional. Our students raved for weeks about this demonstration. We are eternally grateful to have had Stuart grace our students with his worldly wisdom".

Stevenson Academy, Long Island, 2006

"Stuart Williamson's training included sculpting clay heads, life-cast hands, plaster piece-moulding, wax-casting, cleaning of seams, insertion of hair and eyes, colouring, as well as briefing on how to conserve these pieces. The new permanent exhibition was officially opened in December 2002. The impact and results were great. This project motivated other museums to revalue their exhibitions and objectives.

Stuart Williamson's unique ability on realistic sculpture attracted the interest of the media and of the whole community. In 2003, the municipality of Quito managed to get further funds from the British Embassy for a second training course, which benefited other 13 artists and encouraged the museum to go ahead with a project to open a small room for blind people".

Fausto Cardenas Yepez, Art Restorer and Museologist


    Email: stuart.williamson48@gmail.com

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