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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin for The Constitution Centre, Philadelphia

© Constitution Centre & StudioEIS

Portrait of Benjaman Franklin in clay (for a bronze figure. 

For the "Signer's Exhibition" at the Constitution Centre (group below). 

Also in this group, sculpted the portrait of Charles Wilson (far left) and and Morris (far right).

Constitution Centre

"George Washington took my breath away, but Franklin leaves me completely without oxygen. This is great art. I just love it. It captures the moment and the man beautifully. Franklin was old, sick, and in considerable pain during the Convention. Yet he was alert, interested, and engaged. He, perhaps more so than some of the other delegates, sensed the historical awe of the moment of the Signing and knew how fragile this agreement was until it was ratified and put into action. This portrait captures all these things subtley and in a very human context. It is a new Franklin, but also one that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the many images of him that exist. My heartiest congratulations to Stuart Williamson and everyone at the studio. It is a tour de force".

Ray Smock, Historian - Constitution Centre, Philadelphia

Charles Wilson

Clay portrait of Charles Wilson (far left in Franklin group above)

All images © Constitution Centre & StudioEIS

One Charles to another

Royal visit to the Consitution Centre - One Charles to another

George Washington

George Washington Detail


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