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Instructional DVD

Order "From the Inside Out " DVD by Stuart Williamson 

2-Disk Set DVD

(Full color 3 hour, 40 minute DVD video)

$120.00 USD + S&H (Ships from USA)


Before you order, note that all sales are final on electronic media. Returns of opened DVDs will not be accepted and refunds will not be issued..

Note to UK customers: Please be forwarned that the UK customs department may (inconsistently) apply a VAT tax and additional handling charges to the item once reaching England.

Feedback and Reviews

"Im watching your dvd for the 3rd time and loving it as always. Thank you so much for putting your time into this one. Sooo valuable.
Regards from Brazil. Im a huge fan."

Glauco Longhi

"Just a quick not of thanks to you for your very informative DVD. My wife purchased it for me for my recent birthday and it has really been a great help to me. It has changed the way I approach and think about portraiture".

Matt Springer

"Hi Stuart, I purchased your DVD, From The Inside Out, from Heidi recently. Just wanted to say that I've learned so much just after one viewing. No doubt I'll be watching it again and again and referring to it for a long long while. Right now, I've set up a board and am focusing on studying individual features (nose, mouth, eyes, etc) in water-based clay before tackling an entire full-size bust. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration."

"Hi Stuart,
I shared your DVD with a a group of 'wantabe' sculptors here and they were like a group of kids who had just discovered Santa Claus (you may be getting some orders for the DVD). They watched the entire 1 1/2 hour, first DVD) without a move...not even to get coffee! They were particularly excited about your method of making eyes, as I am. We are still working on the concept of working 'from the inside out.' We are accustomed to starting with a round ball of clay. It's hard to teach old dogs new tricks but we will get there.

Stuart, I, along with a friend of mine are interested in the trip to Tuscany but not sure how strenuous it will be. We are getting up in years and don't want to take on more than we can handle. We are definitely giving it some serious thought.
Thanks again for the enjoyable DVD. It has already made me a better sculptor."

Best wishes,
Sara Krawczak

"Stuart, great video! I watched it all the way through - in one sitting - and loved it.
I have learned quite a few things right away and I'm sure much more will be revealed in time, as I try to follow your best practices."


"Your DVD is a very valuable asset to me. It came at a perfect time in my development because what you show is how to keep the work fresh."

Tamara Bonêt


"Thank you for making your DVD!  It's going to keep me from learning a lot of bad habits.  I love the way you lay on the clay with such finesse and deliberateness; it is really inspiring. It was almost like I could feel how you were laying down each piece of clay".

Michael Gural

"I watched the first DVD of " Portrait Sculpture, from the inside out" yesterday and just finished the second one a few minutes ago. The inherent contents of the DVDs, the unpretentious manner in which you convey your knowledge on portrait sculpture and your easiness in front of the camera, together with the editing, music and photography make them a delight to watch and an invaluable source of knowledge on the subject. I watched them from start to finish and they were so entertaining and interesting to me that time passed in the blink of an eye."

Snr. Diego Bustillos

"Received your DVD and viewed it this past weekend.Thank you for the many constructive and informative tips contained. I attended Pratt Institute for one year many years ago.Otherwise I'm self-taught. It was good to get professional instruction"..

"I really enjoyed your DVD; 
I think developing a methodology is important, and your example was inspiring.
I am sure my brain will be firing off from this for some time to come as I work on pieces of my own..
Your finished work is masterful, and the subject matter of Simon Bolivar captured the imagination! "

Jeanette Lewis

" I bought your DVD set very recently, and want to thank you for such a brilliant source of information and inspiration. I love the process of trying to wrest the vital characteristics from the historical evidence - never would have occurred to me had I not watched your demonstration. It is quite thrilling."

Sandy Deane

"Stuart Williamson is definitely the "Billy Elliot" of British Sculpture. Eclectic, widely read, even more experienced, his approach to sculpture in general and portrait sculpture in particular goes beyond what meets the eye. I had the great opportunity to edit his 3h20m portrait sculpture tutorial and work creating a unique product for anyone interested in sculpture and his philosophy behind it, a real breakthrough that has taken him to where he is today, without a doubt among the best in the world in his field. Just take a look at his webpage and you will see what I´m talking about."

Leonardo Wild. Writer, Filmaker & Inventor

"I wrote down a number of things you said on your DVD and posted them on my studio wall - different ways to think on how to sculpt.
It is definitely worth the investment for anyone who has been wavering in buying a copy".

Debbie Elmer


    Email: stuart.williamson48@gmail.com

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