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Exhibition Figures

I have a complete team on hand that are capable of making the best wax figures in the world.

The Making of a Wax Figure from Sitting to Completion
Making a wax figure is a complex process. Ideally, one has a sitting with the subject. Failing that, photographs must be sourced, or, in the case of historic figures, images of paintings and drawings are used for reference.

Once the sculpting in clay is complete, moulds then need to be taken.

Mike Wade, sculptor and moulding specialist

Gill Griffiths, Wigmaker & Styling Specialist

This is followed by the insertion of hair, or a wig is made by an expert hair stylist.

The eyes have got to be copied precisely and are hand painted. The head and hands are then colored.

Steven Horak, Wigmaker & Styling Specialist

Sue Day, hair insertion & wax portrait colouring specialist

The Finished Wax Portrait


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