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I teach sculpture, based on traditional principals. Structure, Form, Articulation and human anatomy being at the centre of the demonstrations seminars and courses that I offer.These can be designed to suit the particular needs of a school, group or individuals.

 I believe that a good grounding in these traditional principles is a sound base for sculptural expression in whatever style or form that it might take. I also like to think that this discipline can be useful to a student exploring any area of creativity. It is also a way of building the creative confidence necessary for commercial work.

View portrait examples which have been a great inspiration to me

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Portrait Sculpture Workshop

in Tuscany: Cancelled

Unfortunately due to unforseen complications, I'm unable this year to teach the Tuscany course previously advertised.
Apologies to all concerned



Monica Demonstration
Instruction at Victoria and Albert Museum

Stuart Williamson gave a demonstration in the use of Terracotta a the Victoria and Albert Museum. This was in conjunction with the Royal Society of British Sculptors of which he is a Fellow. This was part of an exhibition of terracotta works from Donatello to Canova called 'Earth & Fire' 2002

Morgan Freeman was sculpted by me for a wax figure for Madame Tussaud's London and New York Exhibitions.

This series of photos shows a structural technique for portrait sculpture.

Waxworks require 'super-realism' but the method is based on a traditional academic approach which has been employed by sculptors for centuries.

This approach to portrait sculpture is at the centre of my teaching.

The 2nd of 2 courses in portraiture, moulding & casting at the Cultural Centre, Quito, Ecuador 2003. This course funded by the British Embassy, Quito
Demo at Stevenson Academy

Recent demonstration at the Stevenson Academy, Long Island, New York

"On a recent Sunday afternoon, everyone gathered around Stuart Williamson while he sculpted the bust of our beautiful model. Stuart is a master sculptor who has had an exceptional career. He has had sittings, while working at world famous Madame Toussads, with artists such as Tony Bennett, and Morgan Freeman to name a few. Stuart provided a very informative and entertaining afternoon. His ability to communicate is exceptional. Our students raved for weeks about this demonstration. We are eternally grateful to have had Stuart grace our students with his worldly wisdom".

One of 2 classes at the Academy of Performing Arts Hong Kong. The students were made up mostly of prop makers and scenic painters. The students hadn't attempted portrait sculpture before. Nevertheless it is considered important at the Academy that the students are exposed to other disciplines during their studies.
The Director of the school, Professor Kit Thompson, sat for the portrait
Quick sketch in clay of Professor Thompson to illustrate a structural approach to portrait sculpture. View Testimonial.


    Email: stuart.williamson48@gmail.com

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